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Discord Bot

This guide will help you set up a Discord bot in Python that tells jokes.

Follow these steps to set up and deploy the bot.

Step 1: Fork the template

Login to Replit and then fork the Discord bot template by selecting the + Use Template button at the top right of the page. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process and create your Repl.

Step 2: Set up the bot in the Discord developer portal

Before you can deploy your Discord bot, you need to obtain the necessary tokens:

  • Navigate to your Discord Developer Portal and then to your Application's Bot section.
  • Under Build-A-Bot, select the Reset Token to reveal the token.
  • Copy the token and update the DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN secret key into your Repl.

Step 3: Test the bot in development mode

After updating the token, run the Repl to start the bot. You should be able to execute the /tell-me-a-joke command in your server.

Step 4: Deploy the bot on Replit

In the Workspace header, select the Deploy button located on the top right of your Repl, and from the available types of Deployments, choose Reserved VM Deployments. Select the Set up your deployment button, followed by the Deploy button to deploy your application.

Step 5: Test the bot in production mode

Navigate to your Discord server and send the command /tell-me-a-joke to the bot to get a joke.

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