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Firewalled Replit

Replit offers an alternative domain,, that provides a more restricted user experience. By logging into Replit from this domain rather than our main domain, the following restrictions are applied:

  • A firewall is used to prevent repls from accessing the Internet (apart from a small number of software package repositories).
  • Replit’s community and search features are hidden.

No registration is needed to use, and there is no need to migrate your user account or repls to the new domain. Users are free to switch between using and our original domain at any time.

Most repls will function normally on, but those that depend on being able to access the external internet might not function as expected.

More information is given in our blog post announcing firewalled, and in this FAQ document.

For IT administrators who may wish to enforce the use of rather than, this document provides guidance on how that can be done.