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Extension Developer Docs

Start building your own developer tools with the Replit Extensions API

Welcome! These docs contain guides, examples, and API references for the Replit Extensions platform.

What are Replit Extensions?

Replit Extensions are a way to customize your Workspace, integrate the tools you already use, or create entirely new developer tools. You can create extensions for yourself, your team, or publish them to the Extensions Store for the whole community to discover. Extensions can be as simple as a CLUI Command, or as complex as a full-featured custom editor.

There are three main parts to the platform:

  • API: Replit provides a Javascript library, complete with React bindings, TypeScript, and Repl templates. These APIs let you interact with Replit services, access Repl files, render custom UI, and more. Read the API spec →
  • Workspace: When you create an Extension, you'll get a Repl Workspace tailored with all the tools and docs you need to build your idea. Learn about devtools →
  • Store: When it's ready, your extension can be shared publicly, or privately, by releasing it on the Extensions Store. IDEs are a great way to share your work with the community, get feedback from users, and grow your audience. Publish your extension →

Feedback & Support

We're always working to improve the platform for developers and their users.

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