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What is an Extension?

Extensions are applications that users can build to add functionality and tools to the Replit workspace.

What are Extensions good for?

Automate actions and workflows

Extensions have deep integration with Replit, so users can automate actions like reading and editing files, formatting or linting code, and more.

Add custom apps with Tools

Tool Extensions let users interact with completely custom experiences and products in the Workspace. You can think of them like the apps you install on your own phone or computer.

Extend native functionality

Extensions can extend and improve default functionality like formatting code, and surfaces like the editor.

Why would I build an extension?

Integrate the tools you already use

Extensions can bring all your favorite tools together with custom clients. Especially useful for PMs, designers, and developers with opinionated workflows.

Add power and personality to your Workspace

Extensions make Replit a more open, flexible platform. By building an Extension you can change or add just about any tool that makes you feel powerful and productive.

Grow an existing software business

Existing companies have the advantage of distributing their products directly to Replit’s vibrant community, reaching their audience in-context.