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Tipping is now available as a way to support and reward creators who provide value to our community with Cycles they can spend on Replit.

If you want to tip a Repl, simply head to the project's cover page, tap one of the tip buttons, and wait for the success message to appear.

tipping success

To buy Cycles for tips, head to your Cycles page and buy a one-time or recurring package.

Head to our community page and find some cool projects to tip today!

What am I allowed to tip?

You can only tip your favorite creators by tipping one of their creations. This includes Repls and Templates.

You cannot go to someone's profile and tip them Cycles directly.

Do I have to use Cycles?

Yes, tipping on Replit is only available with Cycles.

How can I earn more tips?

By creating something awesome! The most tipped creators will be those that create fun and original projects for the Replit community. If people like what you've built, they will tip you!

For a guide on how to give your Repls the best chance of getting noticed in the community, check out this guide.

Can I cancel a tip?

If you clicked a tip button you did not mean to press, you will have a few seconds to click Cancel Tip in the bottom righthand blue box that appears.

tipping canceled

Can I get a refund on tips?

No. All tips are final. If you want, try contacting the creator you may have accidentally tipped and sort out a resolution with them directly.

Is there a fee on tipping?

Yes. A 10% fee on tips charged to the receiver of the tip.

Can I cash out my tips into real money?

No. Only Cycles earned from Bounties are eligible for cash out. To learn more about cash out on Bounties head here.