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Moving to Usage-based Billing

Replit has evolved from a simple online editor to a full end-to-end software development platform trusted by teams around the world. During this process, we have introduced new tools and new ways to pay for services. We’ve heard feedback that Cycles have been confusing and that users want more control over the way they spend on Replit.

As of January, 2024, we’ve revamped our billing model to prioritize usage based billing in USD, offering a more flexible and transparent view into how you’re being charged for your development and deployment on Replit.

What's changing?

  1. Moving away from Cycles and towards credit card based payments. Payments for all cloud services will be made directly with credit cards rather than through Cycles. Cycles will only be used for Bounties moving forward.
  2. Discontinuing Cycles Power Ups. As a part of the move towards a simplified model, all upgrades will be accessible through the Replit Core membership or through usage-based billing. This means if you previously had Cycles Power Ups for Replit AI, Private Repls, or Additional Storage, you will now need to upgrade to Replit Core. If you were using Reserved VMs or PostgreSQL Databases with Cycles, you will now use them with usage-based billing.
  3. Removal of Cycles based features. Boosts, auto-refills, and tipping are all being discontinued in their current form. Core members can now increase development power as needed in the workspace, paying only for the resources they have used.

Impact on existing customers

  • If you are currently a Replit Core member, no immediate action is needed. Your Replit Core membership will continue as expected.
  • If you are a Reserved VM Deployment user, please ensure that an active credit card is on file so that future charges can be made.
  • If you are a starter plan (free) user who is using a Cycles based Power Up including Private Repls, Replit AI, Storage, or Outbound Data Transfer, you will need to purchase Replit Core to continue to access previous Power Up features.

Migration timeline

All changes are now live in the product. On February 8th, all Cycles paid Reserved VM Deployments will be moved to credit card billing and all Cycles based Power Ups will be turned off.


How does this impact my cost if I'm a Replit Core member?

  • Your monthly/annual cost for Replit Core will remain the same and includes all of the benefits outlined on the pricing page such as 100 GiB of Outbound Data Transfer and 50 GiB of Account Storage.
  • Now, with usage-based billing, you are able to continue to use Replit beyond your Replit Core allotment. For example, if you exceed the 50 GiB Account Storage quota, each additional GiB of Storage will only cost $0.15 per month.

Where do I see my usage?

  • You can keep track of your usage on the usage page

Can I set a spending limit?

  • Yes, you can set a monthly spending limit on the usage page

What do I have to do during the migration period?

  • Generally, users do not have to take any action during the migration period except ensuring that they have a credit card on file to avoid service disruptions
  • If you’re an active user of a Power Up that is going away, ensure you upgrade to Replit Core to avoid service disruption

Will my deployment go down?

  • If you have an active credit card on file, your Reserved VM Deployment will continue to stay active throughout the migration period and afterwards.

What will happen to my Cycles that I’ve already purchased?

  • Cycles will no longer be valid for purchasing cloud services, Reserved VM Deployments, Storage, or Outbound Data Transfer
  • If you have Cycles, either leftover from legacy Replit products or from earning them through Bounties, you can exchange them for usage credits. Credits are used when you are invoiced for usage-based billing overages, as explained in more detail on our pricing page.

How do I convert my Cycles to usage credits?

How do I check my usage credits balance?

What can I still use Cycles for on Replit?

  • Cycles can still be used for Bounties.
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