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About Cycles

What are Cycles?

Cycles are Replit's virtual tokens that can be used to purchase extra compute power and functionality for your Repls.

Cycles can be purchased for $0.01 USD each, starting at a minimum of 150 Cycles. They can be combined with any user plan. You can either make a one-time Cycles purchase or use Auto-Refill to automatically buy more Cycles when needed. That means basic plan users can unlock Power Ups as needed (e.g. Private Repls) without committing to a plan. With Cycles, users with a Hacker or Pro plan can surpass the one Boost and one Always On that come with their plan.

Default view:

Buy Cycles Modal

Choose any number of Cycles by clicking on other:

Buy Cycles Modal: Any number of cycles

Automatically top up your Cycles Balance by toggling Auto-Refill On and entering a payment method to use on Replit: Buy Cycles Modal: Any number of cycles

Managing Your Cycles

Once you purchase Cycles, you can view your balance and usage within your "My Cycles" page located in your menu.

My Cycles Page

Once your Cycles balance is insufficient, your Power Ups will automatically turn off and you will need to repurchase Cycles to continue accessing the same functionality. The other option is to set up Auto-Refill, which we will cover below.

Managing Auto-Refill

When Auto-Refill is enabled, we will buy Cycles for you when you need more (e.g. when you try to purchase something with Cycles, but don't have enough).

For now, Auto-Refill works for all Power Ups that renew on a given interval (e.g. Boosts, Always On, Ghostwriter, Private Repls)

Auto-Refill will buy up to $10 or multiple of $10 of Cycles, if your Power Ups require that.

You can manage Auto-Refill on the Account Page, when you purchase a Power Up in the Workspace, or in the My Cycles Page by adding a payment method.


You can set a monthly budget for Auto-Refill. After your budget is reached in a calendar month, we will no longer Auto-Refill until the next calendar month.


If your payment method fails when running Auto-Refill, we will notify you and eventually stop attempting to Auto-Refill until you update the payment method. You will lose access to your Power Ups if you fail to add a new payment method before Cycles are needed.

Note: For users with the legacy Auto-Refill (also called a Cycles Subscription), if you enable Auto-Refill we will cancel your Cycles Subscription.

Important Notes

We also want to be clear, Cycles are NOT a cryptocurrency. They are a virtual token native to Replit's platform and do not have any value in real currency.

Purchasing compute resources is just the first step for Cycles. We have a lot more in store for these tokens and what they will become. For now, we're excited to introduce this new Power Up method to our community!

If you have any more questions about Cycles or how to use them, check out our Cycles FAQ here.