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Intro Java Curriculum

Overview of Course

Welcome to this resource for learning to code with Java on the Replit platform.

From here you can

  • access a set three introductory guides
  • find other resources to support the use of the guides

Unit 1

Access unit 1.

Course contents:

  • display values
  • store values using variables
  • store and display messages using values and variables

Unit 2

Access unit 2.

Course contents:

  • use a keyboard to enter data
  • update stored values
  • calculate results by evaluating expressions
  • some challenges using IPO program plan

Unit 3

Access unit 3.

Course contents:

  • thinking about sequence and introducing control structures
  • using conditional code (if)
  • using loops in code
  • storing lists using arrays
  • using built-in functions

Our Awesome Creator

This course was created by Brendan McCart.

Hi, I'm Brendan McCart. I've been teaching school level computing science in Scotland for about 35 years, so when I learned to program at school I had to write FORTRAN code out on big squared sheets and got the output a week later! It is really inspiring and a privilege to be supporting the amazing young people in my school who are so passionate about developing their own CS skills and knowledge. I find the core CS principles I learned at University still hold and continue to power the fantastic opportunities that digital tech offers. CS education seems really exciting right now, loads of innovation coming from a fusion of energy out of industry, academia and most importantly enthusiastic students and teachers. In Scotland there is currently a growing wave of ambition for CS education and I'm pleased to see the contribution that dressCode, a charity I help with (led by the heroic Toni Scullion), is part of that. The Replit platform is an awesome fit for school level CS education only matched by the amazing team who drive Replit forward and deliver for teachers and students.

You can contact Brendan at: brendan.mccart [at] dresscode.org.uk