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Intro C++ Curriculum

Overview of Course

This course is designed for students with some programming experience but not with C++. It covers the proper use of core programming concepts, like ifs, loops, and functions, in C++ and introduces some more advanced concepts like pointers and data structures.

Feel free to use the curriculum as is or modify to fit your needs. If you share these materials (as is or with modifications), please provide attribution to Repl.it and Alfonso Torres, who created the curriculum.

You can find more information and a lesson plan here. You can copy all the assignments into your Replit team here.

The Full Curriculum

We’ve split this course into six sessions plus a bonus seventh lesson and a project, each designed to take a few hours with practice repls and homework assignments.

Lesson plan + link to problems and homework.

Link to copy all the assignments into your Replit team.

Lesson slides:

  1. Basics
    • Variables
    • Input/Output
    • Comments
    • Data Types
    • Debugging
  2. If Statements
    • Arithmetic Expressions
    • Boolean Expressions and Relational Operators
    • If Statements
    • Logical Operators (&& ||)
  3. Loops
    • Loops (while, for, do)
    • Arrays
    • Looping through arrays
  4. Functions
    • Functions
    • Best Practices
    • Function Overloading
  5. Pointers
    • Pointers
    • Memory Allocation
  6. Data Structures
    • Vectors
    • Stacks
    • Queues
  7. Bonus: Advanced Data Structures
    • Sets
    • Nodes
    • Linked Lists
  8. Project: Caesar Cipher

Our Awesome Creator

Alfonso Torres:

Hello, my name is Alfonso Torres and I am the creator of the C++ Lessons. Before getting a chance to work with Repl.it, I attended CSU Monterey Bay. After 5 years I was able to complete my degree in Computer Science. During my time in college I had the opportunity to work with my local community college as a Programming Teacher. I worked with students all over Monterey County to teach them: C++, Python, Java, and HTML/CSS. After finishing school I got another great opportunity to work with Repl.it to create these C++ Lessons. I had loads of fun making the lessons, so I hope you feel the same way when learning C++.

If you'd like to get in touch you can reach me at: alftaurus [at] gmail [dot] com