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Projects allow you to create Classroom assignments that link to Repls. The teacher provides a template for students, and when students begin the project, they will create a fork (clone) of the template repl. Teachers can then view the students' repls by name.

Projects allow you to use the functionality of repls not available to classroom assignments, such as hosting, folders, and back-end applications. The tradeoff is that you cannot auto-grade projects. Projects can be of any language, and do not necessarily have to be the same language as its classroom.

Creating a Project

The Projects section is under the Assignments section in a classroom page. You can create a project by clicking on the "New Project" button. You will be prompted to create or provide a template for the project.

Creating a Template

Creating a project requires a Repl to serve as its template. You can create a repl by either creating one from your repls dashboard or by clicking on the [???]. You can use any repl as a template.

Renaming Repls

Once your repl has been linked as the project template and the project has been created, you can continue to rename and edit the repl as you please. However, note that students who have already begun their project (and thus forked the template repl) will not receive those changes, nor can they reset their work.

Access and Persistence

Classroom Projects are, by default, public repls that will show up on the students' public profile. They will not be deleted if the classroom is deleted and the student can access their projects at any time by visiting their repls dashboard.