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Classroom Community

Replit Classroom Community is a place for empowering teachers to share content with each other. We've seen first-hand how the Replit teacher community likes to share and exchange ideas.

You can access the Classroom Community here.

To be clear, this in no way would expose student data. We take student data privacy very seriously. Sharing your classroom with the community will only make published assignments available.

There are two ways you can import a classroom.

Take and Learn

By clicking "Take and Learn", you are importing the classroom as a student, where you can work through all the exercises. Your progress will be saved as if it were any other classroom; however, the original creator of the classroom cannot see your progress. You can unenroll from a self-enrolled classroom at any time, but doing so will delete your progress.

Import and Teach

By clicking "Import and Teach", you create a copy of that classroom under your teacher dashboard which you can then invite other students to. Imported classrooms cannot be re-shared on community. The original creator of the classroom will not have access to your student data, nor will they know of any changes made to your personal copy of the classroom. A classroom can be imported multiple times.