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Flappy Bird with Kaboom.js

Flappy Bird was a smash hit game for mobile phones back in 2013-2014. The inspiration behind the app was the challenge of bouncing a ping pong ball on a paddle for as long as possible without letting it drop to the ground or shoot off into the air. At the peak of its success, the game creator unexpectedly removed it from all app stores, saying that he felt guilty that the game had become addictive for many people. In the wake of the removal, many clones were made to fill the gap left by the original Flappy Bird. After a few months, the original author released new versions of the game.

Smart contract oracle with Solidity

Oracles are bridges between smart contract protocols running on the blockchain and real-world data feeds. In previous Solidity tutorials, we've designed a simple Ethereum escrow protocol and a composable robot NFT (Part 1, Part 2). These were both self-contained systems. In this tutorial, we'll learn about how to pull external data (such as exchange rates or random numbers) into our smart contracts by building an oracle, as well as how to combine different contract protocols.

Discord role assignment bot with Python

Discord is a free-to-use chat server application that was initially developed for gamers but is becoming increasingly widely used by many different communities. Anyone can use it to create a chat server for discussion over text as well as voice and video. In addition to hosting human members, these servers can also host special automated users, called bots, which are capable of a variety of fun and useful tasks: everything from playing music to helping human moderators.

Phaser vs PixiJS for making 2D games

Phaser and PixiJS are popular open-source JavaScript WebGL libraries that are used to create 2D browser games. They render graphics inside an HTML canvas element. Games can be developed using JavaScript or TypeScript. These libraries use WebGL for creating high-performance, complex visual effects. You can create simple browser games using vanilla JavaScript, but if you want to have performant rendering or advanced features in your game such as physics or realistic lighting, vanilla JavaScript is not a good choice. These libraries speed up game development by providing useful functionality and they improve performance.