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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are Bounties?

Bounties are the easiest way to exchange Cycles for various types of work on Replit.

Do you have a new product idea, need help coding a side project, or want to integrate an API? Post a Bounty! You’ll be able to review applications and select the developer (which we call a Bounty Hunter) to code the solution (which we call the “work”) for you. When you post a Bounty, Replit will deduct Cycles from your account to hold until completion of the project.

How do I post a Bounty for others to complete?

You can publicly post a Bounty on the Bounties page. You will be asked to provide a title, description, and reward amount before posting. Your user account will also need enough Cycles to cover the reward amount before posting; you can reload Cycles here.

What if I want to complete Bounties and earn Cycles?

If you want to become a Bounty Hunter, you can apply here. Replit’s Bounty program is looking for experienced coders who can tackle Bounties and provide great customer service for Bounty Posters.

What types of projects are available for Bounties?

Anything you can think of, or need for your own project. Some of the more popular Bounties we’ve seen are: internal tools for your startup, features for existing Repls (like chat moderation or API integration), websites, and bots (Discord, Slack, Telegram).

What should I name my Bounty?

Keep it simple and descriptive! The name should highlight what is distinctive about that particular Bounty. Try to think about what will catch a Hunter’s eye.

How many Cycles should I offer for a Bounty?

You decide! We suggest offering enough Cycles to motivate Bounty Hunters to apply, considering the amount of time and expertise you think it will require to complete your Bounty.

Are there any fees for posting a Bounty?

Yes, Replit charges the Bounty Poster a 10% fee for posting a Bounty. Also note, Replit will hold the entire amount of Cycles you’ve promised for the Bounty from your account when posting a Bounty.

Are there any fees for completing a Bounty?

No. Upon successful completion of the Bounty, the Bounty Hunter’s account will be credited with the full Bounty Amount.

Am I able to cash out my Cycles into real money?

No. Cash out is not yet available but we are working hard on rolling this out to a vetted cohort of users in the near future.

How do I contact the Bounty Poster or the Bounty Hunter about the Bounty?

If you have questions for the Bounty Poster, you can include them in the application form, or reach out through any social media platforms linked in the user’s profile.

The Poster will indicate a preferred communication channel (such as email or Discord) in the Bounty post for discussions throughout the project.

If you are unable to contact the Poster or Hunter and need assistance with a Bounty, you can reach out to the Moderator via the “Contact Support” button under the “Having trouble?” section of the Bounties page.

Can I cancel a Bounty after it’s been accepted?

You can cancel a Bounty before accepting an application.

Once you’ve accepted an application to complete your Bounty, you will need to reach out to the Moderator via the “Contact Support” button under the “Having trouble?” section to request and discuss the reasoning for the Bounty to be canceled. If you need to make revisions to an accepted Bounty, we encourage you to communicate with the Hunter directly about those proposed revisions.

What workspace should Bounty Hunter use to create the work?

Replit provides access to private Repls for coding the work, which is Replit’s recommended workspace for completing a Bounty.

Are secrets included in my work to the Bounty Poster?

No, when the work is provided, contents in the secrets sidebar is not included. If the intent is to provide that information to the Poster, the parties should discuss how they would like to transfer that information.

What rights are transferred in the work upon completion?

All rights to the work are transferred from the Bounty Hunter to the Bounty Poster upon successful completion of the Bounty and Cycles are exchanged. By submitting a work for acceptance, the Hunter represents that they have all necessary rights in the content of the work to transfer to the Poster, as specified in our terms.

What if I have a dispute with Poster or a problem with the work?

We encourage our Bounty Posters and Hunters to try and settle conflicts among themselves. If for any reason this fails, or if you encounter non-permitted usage, users can contact the Moderator via the “Contact Support” button under the “Having trouble?” section of the Bounties page.