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Key Terms



The entire Replit platform & product.


Refers to a single environment, or project that a user or Team owns. A Repl is a Virtual Machine (VM) that runs in the cloud.


A pre-configured Repl with existing code and configuration that can be forked as a boilerplate for another project. See the templates page for some examples.


Refers to a site-wide color scheme that can be created or installed from the Custom Theme Explorer.

Mobile App

The official Replit Mobile App. Provides a seamless coding experience for users on touchscreen devices.


The workspace is the environment where a user interacts with and edits a Repl.

Can refer to the global navigation bar, or the sidebar in the Workspace. The sidebar in the Replit Workspace contains the File Tree, the Tools Section, and the Repl's Resources.

File Tree

A list of files and folders, located within the Sidebar.


A grid of Tools and Extensions, located within the Sidebar.


A realtime set of metrics used to measure and display the resources of your Repl's Virtual Machine such as CPU, RAM, and Storage.


An independent user interface as a Tab in the Workspace, such as the Packager, Console, or Shell.


A custom user interface rendered in a Workspace Tab.


A single Tool, file, or Extension within a Pane.


Pane / Split

A group of Tabs within the Workspace.


Powerups & Cycles

A Powerup is a feature that is available via a paid plan.

Replit AI

Replit's AI Pair Programmer.

Private Repl

A Repl visible only to a single User/Team and its Multiplayers.


A Powerup that enables users to connect to a Repl remotely through Secure Shell.



An immutable snapshot of a Repl, hosted in the cloud.


A simple key-value store inside of a Repl.

Teams & Multiplayer


A single user who has been invited to edit a user or team Repl.

Multiplayer Repl

A Repl owned by a user that has one or more Multiplayers in it.


Can be an Invite Link or a direct invitation request. Upon accepting an invite or navigating to an Invite Link, a user will be given edit access to the corresponding Repl.

A unique URL that gives a user edit access to a specific Repl upon navigating to the link.


A user with Administrative permissions in a Team.


A member in a Team

Team / Organization

A team with a wide range of features including Power Ups, Guests, and more.

Teams for Education

A team that adds key workflows for students and teachers on top of all the core Replit features.


Community Hub

A centralized place showing where the Replit Community can be located across multiple social platforms.

Community Feed

A list of trending Published Repls, created by users in the Replit Community.

Ask Forum

A place where users can discuss topics, get help on code, and contact support.

Following Feed

A list of events emitted from users someone follows, or from top creators.

Post / Update

An update on a Published Repl. A Published Repl can have multiple updates associated with it.

Cover Page / Spotlight Page

A page that allows users to fork and run a Repl.


Refers to publicly releasing a Repl to the Community Feed.

Published Repl

A public Repl that has been Published.



Nix is a powerful package manager and a functional programming language designed for system configuration management and software deployment.

Virtual Machine / VM

A machine (computer) hosted in the cloud.

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