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Project Creation and Submission

From your team dashboard, create a new project.

Select project language, title, description, and whether this will be a group project. You'll be redirected to the IDE to add any comments, tests, and initial coding blocks you'd like your students to start from.


When you are done editing your project and it is ready to be published, click "Publish project" from the IDE.

A modal appears, where you can toggle the project between "Published" and "Unpublished".

For individual projects, students are able to fork the project and create their own copy. Their copy will be private so that only the student and team admins can see and edit their work.

For group projects, you must assign students into submission groups to collaborate. Click "Auto Assign" to automatically assign all students into equal groups. You can add and remove new groups, drag and drop students between groups, and search for students. Groups cannot be removed after saving, but students may be assigned into different groups later.

Click "Save" to finalize any changes, or "Cancel" to discard changes.


When students have completed their work on the project, they click "Submit" in the IDE header, which will notify all teachers of their submission. Students may have access to only one submission for each project.

Reviewing Submissions

Teachers are able to view project submissions from the team dashboard. Click "View submissions" on the project.

Submissions show the student project submitter, or all group participants on group projects. Click "View Repl" to see student code.