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Inviting People to your Team

Follow the steps during team creation to invite people with their Repl.it username or email addresses.

If you've already created a team, navigate to your team dashboard and click "Manage team members" in the header.

You may add team members by:

  1. Entering the email or username of an existing user.
  2. Inviting via link (link does not expire).
  3. Uploading a CSV of emails or usernames.

Invite Anonymous Members to Maintain Privacy

In order to protect the privacy of students and remain compliant with privacy regulations, you can invite your sudents to Repl.it and your education team anonymously. This privacy invite method only works when signing up via a team invite link.

  1. Go to your team dashboard, click "Add more" and click "Generate a team invite link".
  2. Check the box next to "Do not collect names/emails".

You can share this link with your students. When signing up from this link, they will not be required to enter an email address. Once they have signed up, they will automatically be added to your team.