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IT Administrators Toolkit

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To make sure Replit works for you and your students on your school network, please ask your technology team to whitelist/unblock the following domains:

  • *.replit.com
  • *.repl.it
  • *.repl.co
  • *.replitusercontent.com

Clients must be able to access all subdomains of the above domains. The specific hosts that clients communicate with under the above names are subject to change without notice.

replit.com is the primary domain. repl.it and replitusercontent.com are old domains that are no longer actively used. repl.co is the domain where web applications built on Replit are hosted. Even if you are on replit.com (e.g. on a Spotlight page), if you are viewing a web application built on Replit, the code will be delivered via repl.co.

Blocking repl.co will prevent web applications from running on Replit, but still allow coding (e.g. in Java, Python, and many other languages) on Replit. Blocking web applications breaks the experience for students learning HTML/CSS/Javascript and frameworks like NodeJS, Flask, etc.


The Replit application is delivered over the following protocols:

  • HTTPS (for all web pages)
  • WebSocket over HTTPS
  • VNC (for running graphical applications in a browser)

Whitelist/Network Security Vendor Guides

Please refer to these guides to get Replit working under your whitelist/network security vendor:

Data Retention and Usage

Please refer to our Privacy FAQs and U.S. Student Data Protection Addendum for more details.