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Building a centralized autograder - quickstart (Java)

This is the shortcut guide to the full walkthrough on how to set up a centralized autograder. Follow that guide to get step by step instructions and explanations about how it works. Follow this guide if you just want to get it up and running.

Note: ⚠️ ⚠️ This guide shows you how to set up a basic fully automated homework grader. It is intended as a proof-of-concept to showcase how to build similar projects on top of Repl.it. It should not be used as-is in cases where data is important or sensitive. For example, it offers no protection against malicious students who could submit code similar to pb.command("rm", "-rf", "/"); to break the server and delete or modify other students' submissions or grades. Stay tuned for updated guides and sample repls that resolve these issues. ⚠️⚠️

Creating the grading server

  1. Create a new project for the server in your Team account. Make sure that you do not publish this project, as it will host students' work.
  2. Create a file called .replit and add the following code. Then press the Run button.
language = "bash"
run = "rm Main.java && wget https://github.com/replit/replit.github.io/raw/master/static/zip-template-repls/replit-autograding-server-java.zip && unzip -o replit-autograding-server-java.zip"

Create the assignment

  1. Create another new project in your Team account. This one you will publish to students.
  2. Create a file called .replit and add the following code. Then press the Run button.
    language = "bash"
    run = "rm Main.java && wget https://github.com/replit/replit.github.io/raw/master/static/zip-template-repls/replit-autograding-assignment-template-java.zip && unzip -o replit-autograding-assignment-template-java.zip"
  3. Modify the url in the go.sh file to point to the server repl that you created in the previous step.

Make it your own

Make any other modifications you need based on the assignment you are setting your students.

  1. Update the README.md in the assignment project to explain the task to your students
  2. Update the Example.java file to give your students some code to start with and show them how to test it.
  3. Update the src/main/java/ExampleTest.java file in the server repl to automatically grade the students' code.

Publish it

Publish the project and share the URL with your students so they can get started (they will also receive a notification the moment you publish it).