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Monitor Deployment

During the Deployment of your Repl, you have the ability to actively observe and assess various facets of the Deployment process. This comprehensive guide has been created to lead you through the essential features for effectively monitoring your Replit Deployment.

Overview tab

The Overview tab offers crucial information that allows you to keep track of your Deployment's status and configuration. It provides the following details:

  • Status: The current status of your Deployment, providing insights into the various stages of the Deployment process.
  • Domain: The application link where your repl is hosted, making it easy to access your deployed application.
  • Deployment Type: A classification of your Deployment as either Static, reserved-vm, or autoscale, depending on your chosen Deployment method.


Utilize the Redeploy option to initiate a new build of your project. You can continue to monitor the status of this build in the Overview tab.

Edit Commands and Secrets

This option allows you to make adjustments to the public directory, build command, and add Deployment secrets for accessing APIs and services.

Analytics tab

The Analytics tab offers valuable statistics regarding visits to your web Deployment. You can customize the timeline for the analytics you wish to view at the top of this tab. Here are the available graphs:

  • Page Views: Displays the number of HTTP requests your Repl receives per hour.
  • Top URLs: Highlights the most frequently visited URL paths on your website.
  • Top Referrers: Shows the sources from which your users access your website.
  • HTTP Statuses: Provides information about the status of HTTP requests within a specified timeframe.
  • Request Durations: Measures the time it takes for your pages to load server-side.
  • Top Browsers: Identifies the most commonly used web browsers among your users.
  • Top Devices: Offers insights into the distribution of operating systems and devices used by your audience.
  • Top Countries: Presents a heatmap depicting the geographic distribution of your users.

Settings tab

In the Settings tab, you can manage various configuration options for your Deployment:

  • Domains: The default domain for your Deployment is set as https://<project name>-<username> You can also link a custom domain using the Link a Domain button.
  • Manage Deployment: You have the flexibility to switch between different Deployment types. For example, if you initially chose Static Deployment, you can change it to reserved VM Deployments.
  • Shut Down: Use the Shut down button to cancel your Deployment's billing cycle.

Deploy on the Go

This feature streamlines the Deployment process for mobile users:

  • Install the Replit App: You can deploy your Repl directly from your mobile device by scanning the QR code using the Install the Replit Mobile App button.

With these monitoring and configuration options, you can effectively manage your Deployment on Replit to ensure a seamless and optimized experience.

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