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Inviting teachers and students

To invite people with their Replit username or email address, follow the steps during team creation.

Invite Org Owners and Admins (Teachers)

Org Owners can add and remove Org Admins, delete and rename an org, and create and access all teams as an admin.

Org Admins can create new teams within an organization.

  • To add a new Org Admin or Owner, find your Organization and click on the settings gear.

  • Click "Add Org Admin or Owner"

  • Invite an Org Admin or Owner using their username or email. They'll receive a notification to join your team with their new role! Adding Team Admins

  • Once they've accepted the invitation, you can go back to edit their role or remove them. Editing org admins

Invite Team Admins

Team Admins can view and edit Team Projects, Project Solutions, and student submissions.

  • To add someone as a Team Admin, first add them to your team as you would a student.
  • Once they've accepted the invite, go to the "Manage Team Members" modal and change their role to "Admin" Changing a user role to team admin

Invite Team Members (Students)

If you've already created a team, navigate to your team dashboard, click on your chosen team username, and then click "Manage team members".

You may add team members by:

  1. Entering the email or username of an existing user.
  2. Inviting via link (link does not expire).
  3. Uploading a CSV of emails or usernames.

Invite Students in Privacy Mode

If the checkbox "Click here if any of your students are under thirteen years of age" was selected during team creation, the ability to enter email addresses or upload a CSV will be disabled, to ensure that the team remains FERPA/COPPA compliant.

In this case, you can anonymously invite your students to Replit and to your education team by sharing the team invite link that is shown at the bottom of the "Manage your team's members" screen.

You can share this link with your students. When signing up from this link, they will not be required to enter an email address. Once they have signed up, they will automatically be added to your team.

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