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Storage Modules


  • Client

    This class represents a client for interacting with Object Storage. It provides methods for uploading, downloading, listing, and deleting objects in the storage bucket.

  • StreamRequestError

    Represents an error that occurs during a streaming request.


  • ClientOptions

    Interface defining options for configuring the Object Storage client.

  • DeleteOptions

    Interface defining options for deleting an Object from Object Storage.

  • DownloadOptions

    Interface defining options for downloading an Object from Object Storage.

  • ErrResult

    Interface representing the result of an operation that encountered an error. It includes information about the error and any additional error details.

  • ListOptions

    Interface defining options for listing Objects in Object Storage.

  • OkResult

    Interface representing the result of a successful operation. It includes the value returned by the operation.

  • RequestError

    Interface defining the structure of a request error, including the error message and status code.

  • StorageObject

    Interface representing an Object stored in Object Storage. It includes metadata about the Object, such as its name and content type.

  • UploadOptions

    Interface defining options for uploading an Object to Object Storage.

Type Aliases


A result type can be used to represent a successful value or an error. It forces the consumer to check whether the returned type is an error or not, result.ok acts as a discriminant between success and failure.

Ƭ Result<T, E, ErrorExtras>: OkResult<T> | ErrResult<E, ErrorExtras>

Type parameters

TTThe type of the result's value.
EError | stringThe type of the result's error.
ErrorExtrasunknownThe type of additional error info, if any, will be returned.

Defined in


This indicates the file and line number where the Result type is defined within the source code of the @replit/object-storage package.

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