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Error Handling Guide

This guide helps you understand the classes representing common errors that may occur when using Replit Object Storage or handling storage-related operations.

import replit.object_storage.errors 

Class BucketNotFoundError

BucketNotFoundError may occur if the specified Bucket cannot be found.

class BucketNotFoundError(Exception)

Class DefaultBucketError

DefaultBucketError may occur if the default Bucket cannot be resolved.

class DefaultBucketError(Exception)

Class ForbiddenError

ForbiddenError may occur if access to the requested resource is not allowed.

class ForbiddenError(Exception)

Class ObjectNotFoundError

ObjectNotFoundError may occur if the requested Object cannot be found.

class ObjectNotFoundError(Exception)

Class TooManyRequestsError

TooManyRequestsError may occur if the rate of requests exceeds the rate limit.

class TooManyRequestsError(Exception)

Class UnauthorizedError

UnauthorizedError may occur if the requested operation is not allowed.

class UnauthorizedError(Exception)
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