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Object Storage Python SDK


The replit-object-storage package simplifies working with Object Storage by providing a Python client library, offering a fast and efficient way to get started with a Python application using Object Storage. While it's possible to use Object Storage via the Google Python Client for Cloud Storage or the Google Cloud Storage JSON API, the Replit client library simplifies building applications with Object Storage by eliminating the need for custom authentication logic and Bucket configuration. This documentation helps you get started with using the Object Storage Python SDK effectively.


The Object Storage Python SDK is available via the replit-object-storage package in PyPI. To install the Object Storage Python SDK, you can use the following methods:

One-click Setup

In your Workspace, navigate to the *Object Storage pane -> Commands tab to use a one-click setup to install the package directly.

Using upm

Use the following command to install the package:

upm --lang python add replit-object-storage

Using pip

Use the following command to install the package:

pip install replit-object-storage

Quick Start

Setup a Client

To get started, create a new client instance with no parameters:

from replit.object_storage import Client
client = Client()

Add an Object

Upload an Object to Object Storage using the upload_from_text method:

client.upload_from_text("file.txt", "Hello World!")

Get an Object

Retrieve the contents of an Object using the download_as_text method:

contents = client.download_as_text("file.txt")
# > "Hello World!"

List the Objects in the Bucket

List all Objects in the Bucket using the list method:

objects = client.list()
# > [Object(name='file.txt')]

Delete an Object

Delete an object from Object Storage using the delete method:

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