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Getting Started

At Replit, we are on a mission to empower the next billion software creators. Over time, we grew full conviction that such a mission can’t be accomplished without putting our AI features in the hands of every Replit developer. Code completion and code assistance are now enabled by default.

Developers on the free plan will have access to our basic AI features, while Replit Core members will retain exclusive access to the most powerful AI models and advanced features.

Replit AI currently includes five features:

Complete Code - Replit AI's flagship feature. Replit AI leverages context to provide code suggestions as you're typing. Press tab to accept suggestions.

Explain Code - Highlight code, and Replit AI will walk through it step-by-step in plain English.

Edit Code, and Replit AI will provide a suggested rewrite of the code block.

Generate Code - Provide a natural language prompt, and let Replit AI generate code to help solve your problem.

Chat - AI assistant that enables users to quickly get answers to their coding-related questions directly in the Workspace, without ever leaving the page.