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Generate Code

With Generate Code, you can give Replit AI a natural language prompt, and Replit AI will return a block of code to fulfill the purpose. This feature can write large chunks of code at once, so it's useful when you want to write small programs or several related functions in one shot.

To use Generate Code, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click in the editor to open up the context menu
  2. Select Generate code from the menu
  3. Input a natural language prompt in the text field and press send
  4. Replit AI will provide suggested code. From here, you can choose to:
    • 4) See generated code - See what replitai is suggesting.
    • 5) Type a new prompt - Refine your prompt and try again.
    • 6) Generate - If you want to try again with the current prompt.
    • 9) Discard - Discard the code generation.
    • 10) Accept suggestion - If you like the suggestion, click this and Replit AI will insert the code in your editor.