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Extensions are applications you can develop to enhance the functionality and tools available within the Replit Workspace.

What can Extensions do?

Streamline workflows

Extensions are deeply integrated with Replit, so users can automate actions like reading and editing files, formatting or linting code, and more.

Add custom apps with tools

Tool Extensions lets you interact with custom experiences and products in the Replit Workspace, similar to the apps you install on your phone or computer.

Extend native functionality

Extensions can extend and improve the existing functionalities within Replit, like formatting code and editor capabilities.

Reasons to build an Extension

Consolidate your tools

Developing an Extension allows you to integrate your preferred tools into the Replit environment, serving your specific workflow preferences.

Personalize your Workspace

Extensions empower you to customize Replit to suit your needs, creating a sense of empowerment and productivity.

Expand your software reach

Companies can use Extensions to distribute their products directly to Replit's active Community, accessing a targeted audience within a relevant context.

Extensions store

The Extensions store allows you to view and install from various Workspace Extensions.

Access the store

In your Repl, you can access the Extensions store by navigating to the Tools section on the sidebar and selecting Extensions.

Install an Extension

In the Extensions store, choose an Extension and select Activate Extension for your account.

Select Accept and Activate to start using the Extension.

You'll find installed Extensions in the Installed tab alongside the Store.

You can use the ellipses next to each Extension to manage them, allowing you to uninstall, unlist, un-bless, feature, or delete them from the store.

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