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Private Repls

With a free Replit account, personal Repls are public by default.

As an individual, you can make your Repls private by subscribing to our Replit Core membership (previously Hacker or Pro) that comes with unlimited private Repls.

Teams Pro accounts come with the ability to make any Team Repl private.

Private Repls can only be accessed by directly invited guests or by team members.

Creating a private Repl

You can make a Repl private by toggling the Repl to Private when you're making a new Repl from a Template or forking an existing Repl.

Making an existing Repl private

From the Workspace

You can make any public Repl private by toggling it on from the Workspace.

  1. Navigate to your Repl
  2. Open the info panel by clicking on your Repl's name in the navbar
  3. Make your Repl private by pressing the Private toggle

From the My Repls page

You can also make any of your public Repls private from the My Repls page.

  1. Navigate to the My Repls page from the left sidebar
  2. Hover over the "Public" copy on the card of the Repl you want to make private
  3. Press the "Make private" button
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