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Only Teams with an Enterprise subscription are able to use SAML SSO. Contact us to get started with Enterprise at

SAML SSO allows you to use your Identity Provider to authenticate users logging into Your Organization's users will be directed to your Identity Provider to authenticate, and your Identity Provider will provide an response back to Replit verifying the user's identity, which Replit uses to log the user into

For Teams that use SAML SSO, Replit will require that Team's users to authenticate with an Identity Provider. New users that authenticate with your Identity Provider will be automatically invited to your Team's Organization in Replit as Members.

Setting up SAML requires communication with the Replit team. Once you’re familiar with what’s required below, reach out to us at to get started.


Choose your email domains

You can claim multiple email domains and subdomains for your Organization. Any user that attempts to sign up with an email domain that matches your claimed domain will be required to use SAML SSO. Your claimed domains should match what your Identity Provider will report for your users. If you use email domain aliases, you should provide them to Replit as well to prevent your users from signing up without using SAML.

For example, if your company uses email domains matching,, and you should provide all of these to Replit.

Replit must be able to verify that your organization owns these domains. If you need to add additional domains in the future you can contact us at

Setup Replit in your Identity provider

Create a new application or service in your Identity Provider using the following

  • Service Provider (SP) Entity ID: Your Replit representative will provide this.
  • SSO URL:

Replit enables your SAML SSO

Once you’ve setup Replit in your Identity Provider, please provide your Replit representative with the following:

  • Identity Provider (IdP) entity ID: This identifies your IdP to Replit
  • IdP SSO URL: This is the URL Replit will send users to when authenticating with your IdP
  • Signature Certificate: An X509 certificate that Replit uses to verify authentication responses from your IdP.

Once we have confirmed setup completion, your Organization is ready to use SAML SSO.


Once SAML SSO is configured, your users can log in to using the “Continue with SSO” button. They will receive an invitation to your Organization upon their first login and will be prompted to join your Organization in Replit.



What happens to users who already have accounts on before SAML SSO was setup? SAML SSO is opt-in for existing users, meaning they can continue to use their existing authentication methods (email or social login). They will not be automatically added to your Organization.


Are users automatically deprovisioned in Replit when my IdP removes access? No, however Replit is working on supporting SCIM 2. Reach out to us if you’re interested in early access.


Are Organization seats automatically consumed when users are given access in our IdP? No, seats are only consumed once a user accepts the invitation to your Organization.

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