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Repl Access Management

Repl access may be managed either from the group permissions interface, or from the workspace using the “Access” button in the header. Users with edit access can change the role for existing groups or individuals, or add roles to new groups or users. All users with access to the Repl workspace are able to see who has access to the Repl, even if they can't manage it.

Access popover

To grant access to a group or member, use the search to locate them by name or username.

Access popover search

After selecting the result, a dropdown for the role selection will appear. After choosing the role, the group or user will be added to the "Groups with access" or "People with access" sections below.

This popover also controls whether the Repl is private or public, using selector in the bottom left corner. If the Repl is marked as internal, it is private within the organization. Only users with access can see that it exists. If the Repl is public, anyone on Replit (regardless of whether they are logged in) can see, but not edit, the Repl.

Access popover visibility toggle