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Trust and Safety at Replit

At Replit, we strive to create a fun and creative community that is also trusted and safe. To achieve this goal, we have implemented rules and policies that promote positive behavior and protect our users. In this document, you will find a summary of our key rules, tips on how to report any concerns, and information on where you can learn more.

Rules for Content and Behavior

To maintain a safe and trusted environment, we have established a set of rules that are detailed in our Terms of Service. The same rules apply whether you are publishing Repls, or engaging with other users in our Community.

  • Keep it appropriate. All content must be suitable for a workplace environment and free of any offensive language or nudity. We prohibit violent and graphic content, as well as content that depicts or encourages self-harm.
  • No bullying. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, trolling, doxxing, hate speech, racism, sexism, or any other form of prejudice. Violation of this rule may result in an immediate ban.
  • No illegal or regulated content. Replit should not be used for any illegal activities, such as dealing in drugs, sex, gambling, weapons, or pirated software.
  • Misuse of the service is not allowed. Do not share content that could harm other users, such as spam, malware, or phishing. We also do not allow Repls that consume an excessive amount of resources, such as spam bots and cryptocurrency miners.

How we enforce our rules

We have a dedicated team of moderators who work hard to keep our service safe by actioning reports concerning content that violates our Terms, Community Standards, or Privacy Policy.

If your content violates the rules, we will take appropriate action against it. In circumstances of serious violations, you may be banned from using Replit. For more information on the actions we take, checkout our Strike System FAQ.

Protecting Underage users

Replit upholds the highest global privacy standards for our youngest members. To ensure that their personal information remains safe, we don't collect it in the first place.

To protect children from inappropriate images, we automatically scan all images uploaded to Replit. Our machine learning technology quickly detects and flags most images that violate our rules for review by a moderator.

We also take swift action to prevent predators from using Replit. Any account that shares child abuse material (CSAM) or seeks sexual contact with minors will be terminated and may be reported to the authorities.

How to Make Reports

Reporting a Repl

Report a Repl to a moderator by visiting its cover page and clicking the kebab menu. Select the "Report" option and provide a reason for the report. A moderator will investigate and take appropriate action within 24 hours. Reporting a Repl

Reporting a User

Report a user by accessing the "Report" option on their profile page. Provide a reason for the report, and a moderator will review and address it within 24 hours. Reporting a User

Reporting a Bounty

Report a bounty by accessing the "Report" option on the bounty page. If you are the poster of a bounty, you can also report a bounty application that violates our rules in a similar way. Reporting a Repl

Reporting a Theme

Report a theme by accessing the "Report" option on the theme page. Themes should not be reported because of their appearance, but only because they contain content such as an offensive name that violates our rules. Reporting a Repl

Additional Information

This page contains an easy-to-read summary of information that is given in more detail in our other policy documents. If you would like more information, please consult these resources:

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