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Trust and Safety at Replit

This document summarizes how Replit maintains a creative and fun community that is also trusted and safe. It explains how our rules and policies contribute to that goal, offers tips on how to report concerns, and explains where you can learn more.

Content and behavior rules

Here is a summary of some of the most important rules that are contained in our Terms of Service documentation. For the most part, the same rules apply whether you are publishing Repls, or engaging with other users in our Community.

  • Keep it SFW. Keep it clean, or SFW (safe for work). No swearing or nudity is allowed on the platform. We also disallow violent and graphic content, as well as content that depicts or encourages self-harm.
  • No bullying. We have zero tolerance for bullying, trolling, doxxing, hate speech, racism, sexism, or prejudice of any form. Violation of this rule may result in an immediate ban.
  • No illegal or regulated content. Please don't use Replit for promoting or engaging in any illegal activity. This includes dealing in drugs, sex, gambling, weapons, or pirated software.
  • Don't misuse the service. Do not share content that can harm other users, such as spam, malware, or phishing. We also don't allow repls that consume too many resources, such as spam bots and cryptocurrency miners.

How we enforce our rules

We have a dedicated team of moderators who work hard to keep our service safe by acting on reports about content that infringes our rules (including repls, images, tags, and comments).

If your content infringes the rules, then it may be removed. In the case of published Repls, we have a warning system for Repls that violate our rules. For serious violations or if you repeatedly post infringing content, you may be banned from using Replit.

If you think that we made a mistake in removing your content or handing down a warning or a ban, you can submit an appeal. If that applies to you, you can visit this page to explain why our decision should be reversed.

How we protect children

Replit upholds the highest global privacy standards for our youngest members. To ensure that their personal information remains safe, we don't collect it in the first place. Our Teams for Education platform enables students to join Replit without providing even a name or email address—only a username and password are required.

We also take special care to ensure that children are not exposed to inappropriate images. We do this by automatically scanning all images that are uploaded to Replit. Through machine learning technologies, most images that infringe our rules can be detected and flagged for review by a moderator within minutes.

We also take swift action to keep predators off Replit. Any account attempting to share child abuse material (CSAM), or seeking sexual contact with minors, will be closed and may be reported to authorities.

How to report concerns

GIF showing how to report a Repl

Reporting a Repl

GIF showing how to report a user

Reporting a user

GIF showing how to report a comment

Found something on Replit that shouldn't be there? Reporting your concerns is easy:

  • To report a Repl to a moderator, simply visit its cover page and click the kebab menu, as illustrated here, to reveal the “Report” link. Type in a reason for your report, and a moderator will look into it and take appropriate action within 24 hours.
  • To report a user, you’ll find both reporting and blocking links under a menu on their profile page, as also illustrated above. Unsure which to use? If the user is bothering you but not necessarily breaking any rules, blocking will ensure that you can no longer see or interact with each other. If you think that they might also be violating Replit’s rules, click Report and provide a short reason for your report, and a moderator will deal with your report within 24 hours.
  • As for comments, the options that you have depend on whether the comment is on your Repl or another user’s. You can quickly deal with abusive comments on one of your own Repls without the need to make a report to a moderator. Simply click on the kebab menu to reveal the “Hide Comment” and “Delete” options, either of which will remove the comment from view. If an abusive comment is on someone else’s Repl, then you will instead find a “Report” option which will send the comment to a moderator for review.

Find out more

This page contains an easy-to-read summary of information that is given in more detail in our other policy documents. If you would like more information, please consult these resources: