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Strike system FAQ

Learn about warnings, banned community access, and site bans in Replit.

What is a Warning in Replit?

A Moderator will send you a warning when you violate the Community Standards, Terms of Service, or Privacy Policy. Other disciplinary actions may include unpublishing of your Repl(s), cancellation of a Bounty, and/or hiding/deleting comments and Bounty Applications.

Can I republish my Repl after it's been unpublished?

Yes. Revise your Repl to abide by the Community Standards, then republish.

How can I appeal a Moderation decision?

Contact the mods if you believe they took unfair action towards you. Appeal at the Moderator Contact Website or reach out to Support for site bans.

What happens when I'm banned from the Community?

When banned from the community, you cannot create posts, comments, share Repls, or participate in Bounties. However, you can still use the online IDE for features unrelated to community activity. If ready to rejoin and abide by the guidelines, contact us at the Moderator Contact Website.

What happens when I'm banned from Replit?

A ban from Replit means you cannot log into your account and all Repls will have been deleted. This often occurs for violating the Terms of Service. Appeal your ban by making a ticket at if you are ready to abide by the Terms of Service.