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We understand that your code, applications, and user-data hosted on Replit are very important, so we take seriously our responsibility to safeguard it. After all, we use Replit to build our business too!

Reporting a Vulnerability

Please use the following dedicated channel for all security-related concerns:

  • Email:
  • Subject: "Security Vulnerability Report".
  • Body: Describe the nature of the vulnerability in detail, including the steps to reproduce it if possible. Please include any relevant information that would help us understand the severity and scope of the issue, such as the potential impact on user data or system integrity.

Responsible Disclosure

Pursuant to our terms of service, you should not take any actions that interfere or disrupt the service. If you are in doubt, and think there might be a risk of service disruption, then don't try to verify the bug yourself – email us and we'll work with you to verify it.

Email with a description of the issue and we'll respond as soon as possible.

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