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Complete Code

Ghostwriter is a code completion tool that provides suggestions based on the code in your current file. To use it, simply start coding and the suggestions will appear inline.


  • Code completion suggestions based on your current file
  • Enhanced suggestions by using code comments
  • Prompt engineering for improved results
  • Toggle code completion on or off in editor settings

How to Use

  1. Start coding in your file and Ghostwriter will provide code completion suggestions.
  2. Use code comments to provide additional context for more accurate suggestions.
  3. Write clean, relevant code and comments for the best results from Ghostwriter.
  4. If desired, toggle Ghostwriter on or off in the editor settings.


Here is an example of Ghostwriter providing basic code completion suggestions:

ghostwriter basic code generation

And here is an example of Ghostwriter using code comments to generate more accurate suggestions:

ghostwriter basic code generation

Prompt Engineering

Good prompts for AI code helpers like Ghostwriter can greatly improve the tool's performance and usefulness. Here are some examples of original prompts and improved versions that provide more context and detail:

Original PromptImproved PromptPossible AI Confusion
// write a function that adds two numbers together// a function that returns the sum of two numbersGhostwriter might get confused with what to do with the added numbers. In the original prompt, no steps are specified with what to do with the result.
// event listener// 'ready' event listenerGhostwriter will not know what to write next if only 'event listener' is specified.
// fetch a random image from unsplash// use axios to fetch a random image from the unsplash apiGhostwriter might accidentally provide a URL instead of actually making the api call.
/* apply a custom style to my checkbox *//* select all html elements with the .checkbox class and use labels and pseudo-elements to give it a custom style */Ghostwriter will most likely get confused selecting the checkbox element.
// create an array of numbers// create an array of numbers from 0 to 10Ghostwriter might not know which numbers to include in the array without more specific instructions.
// sort the list of names// sort the list of names alphabeticallyGhostwriter might not know the desired sorting order without more specific instructions.
// read data from the file// read data from the file 'data.txt'Ghostwriter might not know which file to read without a specific filename.
// connect to the database// connect to the MySQL database using the 'mysql' libraryGhostwriter might not know which database to connect to or which library to use.
// loop through the list// loop through the list of numbers and print each oneGhostwriter might not know what to do with the list items without specific instructions.
// insert a new record// insert a new record into the 'users' tableGhostwriter might not know which table to insert into without a specific table name.

Toggling Code Completion

To deactivate Ghostwriter's Code Completion feature, go to your editor settings and switch Ghostwriter on or off.

toggle code completion