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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my extension get verified?

A Replit staff member must review your Extension and manually verify it.

My backend server isn't working with my extension

Extensions are expected to be a bundle that can be statically served. This means that you can't run a server in the same Repl as the extension you're hosting. We would recommend separating your server and client for extension development.

My extension is throwing a timeout error

Make sure you are viewing your extension through the correct pane and not the webview. To correctly open your extension, use the Extension Devtools.

If your extension is opened in the correct pane, hit the Reload icon in the extension tab.

Reload button

What's the difference between the Webview and an Extension?

The webview is a normal iframe that displays the web output of your Repl. In the case of an extension, a special handshake is established between it and the Replit workspace.

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