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Google Classrooms Integration

With Replit's Google Classroom integration, teachers can quickly add every student in their Google Classroom to a Team and easily share Replit projects as Google Classroom assignments.

Students and teachers can easily build and collaborate on Replit from a Chromebook, download it from the Google Play Store to their device, or find it on the Chromebook App Hub.

Soon, teachers who have added their students to Replit through Google Classroom will also be able to integrate their Google Classrooms gradebooks with Replit's Projects Overview!

View a demo of these functionalities here.

Adding Students to a Team from Google Classrooms

To add your students from Google Classrooms into a Replit Team for Education, click "Manage team members" at the top of your Team, and select "Invite Via Google Classroom".

This will prompt you to connect your Replit Team for Education with your Google Classroom, and select students from your Google Classroom to add to your Teams roster.

Inviting students to Replit via Google Classroom

Creating Assignments in Google Classrooms from Replit

To create an assignment in Google Classroom directly from your Teams for Education dashboard, click on the dropdown menu next to a Team Project, and select "Share to Google Classroom". This will automatically create an assignment in your Google Classroom with a link to your Replit Project.

Inviting students to Replit via Google Classroom

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