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Creating projects and assignments

Team Projects are projects and assignments that teachers can set up with starter code, instructions, and materials for their students. When starting a Team Project, students duplicate their own, private versions of the Team Projects to edit and customize freely.

Team Projects are private by default and are visible and editable only by the teacher and each individual student or student group.

Please note that Team Repls were deprecated in October 2021.

  • If you'd like to create private repls to store solutions, we recommend using the Project Solutions tool.
  • You can also store notes and demos as unpublished Team Projects. Unpublished projects are not visible to your students at all.
  • Use the Curriculum Authoring tool to write read-only instructions for your students to follow as well as admin-only lesson plans where you can stash your class notes.
  • You can also convert repls from your personal account into Team Projects using this workflow.
  • If you still have questions or need support, please contact us at

Creating Team Projects

From your team dashboard, create a new project.

Create project button

Select project language, title, description, due date, and whether this will be a group project. You'll be redirected to the IDE to add any comments, tests, and initial coding blocks you'd like your students to start from. You'll assign groups when you publish the project.


When you are done editing your project and it is ready to be published, click "Publish project" from the IDE. Once published, your project will be viewable and editable by all members assigned to that project.

Project publish button

A modal appears, where you can toggle the project between "Published" and "Unpublished". You can also toggle this from your team homepage to unlist projects from your team.

Submitting Student Work

When students have completed their work on the project, they click "Submit" in the IDE header, which will notify all teachers of their submission. Students may continue working on projects and resubmit them after hitting "Submit."

Project submit

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