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Assigning user roles

You can assign different members of your team different roles.

  • Organization Owner is the main contact for the full organization. They can add and remove Org Admins, delete and rename an org, and create and access all teams as an admin.
  • Organization Admin Can create new teams within an organization to access Team Owner privileges in each of the teams they create.
  • Team Owner: Owners are the user who originally creates a team. Owners can add and change user roles, create Team Projects, and view student work.
  • Team Admin: This is for teachers, teaching assistants, etc. It is meant for anyone who will be creating assignments and grading. Admins may create new Team Projects and view student work, but may not change user roles.
  • Team Member: This is the default role and best for students or other people who don't need special access. They can only view and fork published Team Projects and can view and edit Team Repls.

Adding Org Owners and Admins

  • To add a new Org Admin or Owner, find your Organization and click on the settings gear.

  • Click "Add Org Admin or Owner"

  • Invite an Org Admin or Owner using their username or email. They'll receive a notification to join your team with their new role! Adding Team Admins

  • Once they've accepted the invitation, you can go back to edit their role or remove them. Editing org admins

Assigning Team Admins and Team Members

You can assign roles to members who are part of your team by navigating to your team dashboard and choosing "Manage team members".

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