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Create a full-stack Extension

While full-stack extensions are not supported within a single Repl (aka a monorepo) at this time, you can always call out from your Extension client Repl to any outside API endpoints.

Until we have full Deployments support, you can use this simple workaround to create your own server API for your extension:

  1. Create your Extension Client Repl β†’
  2. Create a separate Repl for your backend. This should expose an API. For example it could be a Node or Ruby API server, or even a Next.js site with a serverless function.
  3. Make fetch requests from your extension client to your backend
    πŸ’‘ Make sure to enable CORS requests on your extension backend API, since the extension client and API will run on different subdomains

If you’re using Next.js to build your extension, we recommend exporting it statically and pointing your releases to the build directory.