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Assigning nicknames

Team nicknames allow teachers, and other admins, the ability to assign nicknames to their students.

Common Uses

  • Student Privacy
    • Students that sign up using the privacy enabled link are assigned a random username. In the past it has been up to the teachers to keep track of which student belonged to which generated username. Nicknames will allow teachers to assign the correct name to the student without violating COPPA regulations.
  • Sectioning Students
    • Teachers who use Teams for multiple class sections or cohorts can now sort their students' submissions by section by assigning nicknames with identifiers such as section number or cohort year. Searching project submissions by section

How to use

  • Open the 'Manage team members' modal on the home screen of a team.
  • Double click on any member's name.
  • An input box will appear.
  • Enter the nickname you wish the member to have and press the enter key.
  • The nickname will be created.

To update and delete a nickname:

  • Click on the name in the 'Manage team members' modal.
  • The input box will appear with the nickname pre-loaded.
  • Update the nickname and press enter.
  • To delete the nickname completely, remove all characters from the input box and press the enter key.

Assigning nicknames

Where nicknames will appear

Once a team member has a nickname it will appear in:

  • Team Overview table
  • Submission Overview
  • Group assignments when creating groups.
  • Who's Coding section
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