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Posting and awarding a Bounty

If you're familiar with other freelancing platforms, Bounties will feel familiar.

Check Cycles

Before you post a Bounty, ensure you have enough Cycles to pay the Bounty. Once the Bounty is listed, Replit will hold the Cycles as a deposit until the Bounty is completed or closed.

Post a Bounty

how to post a bounty

  1. On the Bounties page, click the "Create a Bounty" button in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Fill out the "Create a Bounty" form, adding as much detail as you can so Bounty Hunters know what they're applying to do.
    Write a clear title and pay special attention defining acceptance criteria, as this is going to guide your Bounty Hunter's decisions and will be referred to when settling disputes.
    Set the due date, your preferred method of communication, and the number of Cycles you're offering for the work.
  3. Post your Bounty!

You are not allowed to circumvent Bounties by taking projects off-platform. This includes promising payments outside the Bounties system or any future promise of work outside Bounties. You could be banned permanently for attempting to do so.

Wait for applications

Sit back and wait for Bounty Hunters to apply!

Pick an applicant and communicate well!

Once you have a Bounty Hunter you'd like to work with, click the "Accept Application" button. This closes the Bounty to further applications.

received an application

Now it's your turn to reach out to the Bounty Hunter you've selected! (Be sure you're both clear on deliverables and timeline expectations)

Review the work

When your Bounty Hunter has completed the work, you'll see the following screen that allows you to view the work. After checking out the work, you can request changes or accept the work.

view submission

If you request changes, be sure to give your Bounty Hunter clear and actionable feedback within the bounds of the original Bounty.

Please do not use this mechanism to add features or increase the project's scope - if you need another feature, make another bounty!

pick a bounty

Once you're happy with the work, Accept it, and the Bounty process is complete. The code now belongs to you, and Replit will send the Cycles deposit to the Bounty Hunter.

bounty completed

Bounty Poster Feature Tutorial

Check out the Bounty Poster Feature Tutorial.

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