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Resources for Bounty Hunters


Need some boilerplate code? Use these templates to get started on your next Bounty:

Replit Profile Tips

bounties profile

✅ Use this template to create a portfolio of work to pin to your profile.

✅ Add links to previous work, Github profile, Discord, etc. in your profile that are relevant and up to date.

✅ Make sure the repls on your profile are a good representation of your skills.

❌ Don't include partial pieces of work on your profile page (hide those in a folder or use Private Repls).

❌ The Replit-generated names like PuzzlingPriceyKey are cool and all, but make sure the Repls on your profile have sensible names and are published with nice cover photos.

Build your Portfolio

Use these tutorials and projects as inspiration to add to your portfolio:

  • Intro to JS: Understand the basics of JS
  • Socket.IO: build a multi-player app
  • Intro to Bash: learn how to read and print files, create games, and run program files as scripts
  • Chatbot: browse the code used to make a chatbot with Python
  • AI Basics with Hangman: create your own version and add it to your portfolio to showcase your AI skills

Check out the Bounty Hunter Feature Tutorial to learn more.

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