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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are Bounties?

Bounties are a simple way to trade Cycles for different types of tasks on Replit.

If you have a new product idea, need coding assistance for a personal project, or want to integrate an API, create a Bounty! You'll be able to examine submissions and pick a developer, known as a Bounty Hunter, to complete the project, which is referred to as the "work." When you post a Bounty, Replit will deduct the required Cycles from your account and hold them until the project is finished.

Bounty Posting

How do I post a Bounty for others to complete?

You can publicly post a Bounty on the Bounties page. You will be asked to provide a title, description, and reward amount before posting. Your user account will also need enough Cycles to cover the reward amount before posting; you can reload Cycles here.

What types of projects are available for Bounties?

Anything you can think of or need for your own project. Some of the more popular Bounties we’ve seen are internal tools for your startup, features for existing Repls (like chat moderation or API integration), websites, and bots (Discord, Slack, Telegram).

What should I name my Bounty?

Keep it simple and descriptive! The name should highlight what is distinctive about that particular Bounty. Try to think about what will catch a Bounty Hunter’s eye.

How many Cycles should I offer for a Bounty?

We offer suggestions within the Bounty creation form for certain categories, but ultimately, you decide based on your budget and the caliber of developer you want to work with.

If you are looking to build a full web app or product MVP, we recommend the following pricing:

  • $2,500 (250,000 Cycles) - $3,500 (350,000 Cycles) if your app needs:
    • 1 external connection / API
      • e.g., fetching Twitter data is one API connection
    • 1-2 pages
    • completion in 4-6 weeks
  • $4,500 (450,000 Cycles) - $6,500 (650,000 Cycles) if your app needs:
    • 2-3 API connections
    • 2-3 pages
    • a developer with 2+ years of experience
    • user account creation
    • ideal for 2-3 month projects
  • $8,000+ (800,000+ Cycles) if your app needs:
    • unlimited API connections
    • 3+ pages
    • the ability to handle your first 1000+ users
    • ideal for 3+ month projects

If you can't put the full amount upfront for a large Bounty, indicate in your initial post the payment milestones that will be posted through other Bounties.

For assistance around creating your Bounty post or matching with the right developer, feel free to email for help.

Are there any fees for posting a Bounty?

Yes, Replit charges the Bounty Poster a 10% fee for posting a Bounty. Also, note that Replit will hold the entire number of cycles you’ve promised for the Bounty from your account when posting a Bounty.

Can I cancel a Bounty after it’s been accepted?

No, you can only cancel a Bounty before accepting an application.

To cancel an accepted application for a Bounty, contact the Replit team through the "Contact Support" button in the "Having trouble?" section. If you want to make changes to the accepted Bounty, it's best to discuss the proposed revisions directly with the Bounty Hunter.

Bounty Hunting

What if I want to complete Bounties and earn Cycles?

If you want to become a verified Bounty Hunter, you can apply here. However, being a verified Bounty Hunter is not required to apply for Bounties. Replit’s Bounty program is looking for experienced coders who can tackle Bounties and provide great customer service for Bounty Posters.

What workspace should Bounty Hunters use to create the work?

Replit provides access to private Repls for coding the work, which is Replit’s recommended workspace for completing a Bounty. The completed work must be submitted on Replit with a valid Repl link.

Are there any fees for completing a Bounty?

No. Upon successful completion of the Bounty, the Bounty Hunter’s account will be credited with the full Bounty amount listed.

Am I able to cash out my Cycles into real money?

Yes. Cycles earned from Bounties are eligible for cash out. There is a minimum threshold of 35,000 Cycles (about $350 USD) per cash out.

There is a 25% cash-out fee and additional fees based on your country of residence and chosen payment method. If you cash out more than 70,000 Cycles (about $700 USD) in a given request, then the cash-out fee is reduced to 15%.

How do I request a Cycles cash out?

Please note, a Replit staff member will never reach out to you in order to initiate a cash out. Only you can begin the process yourself following the instructions below.

Once you have earned at least 35,000 Cycles ($350 USD) from Bounties, you can contact with the subject line "Cycles Cash Out - username", replacing "username" with your Replit username. In the body of your email, write the number of Cycles that you wish to cash out.

If this is your first cash out, we will send you an online form to verify your identity on Persona. You will need a valid government ID and a device with a camera to complete this verification.

After that, you will need to verify your payment information by completing the cash-out form on Replit's site here.

Once you have verified your identity and payment information on your Replit account, we will withdraw the requested amount of Cycles from your wallet and execute the payment. If you no longer have a payable balance of Cycles equivalent to the amount you requested, we will cancel the payment and ask you for a new desired amount to withdraw.

Are secrets included in my work to the Bounty Poster?

No, when the work is provided, contents in the secrets sidebar is not included. If the intent is to provide that information to the Poster, the parties should discuss how they would like to transfer that information.

What rights are transferred in the work upon completion?

All rights to the work are transferred from the Bounty Hunter to the Bounty Poster upon successful completion of the Bounty and Cycles are exchanged. By submitting a work for acceptance, the Bounty Hunter represents that they have all necessary rights in the content of the work to transfer to the Poster, as specified in our terms.

What if I can't respond or deliver on time?

When accepting a Bounty, it's very important to set expectations around timelines and communication cadence with the Bounty Poster in one of your first exchanges.

Some Posters would like an email or message check-in every week, and some prefer daily check-ins. Some Posters use the Bounties platform for critical time-sensitive work, and in this case, it's very important to set expectations for whether or not their intended deadline is possible.

When a Hunter does not respond in a timely manner, it often causes harm to the Poster's project. Repeated failure to set and meet communication expectations with Bounty Posters may lead to suspension of your Bounty Hunter account.

We understand that sometimes there are uncontrollable circumstances that cause a Hunter not to respond in a timely manner. If that is the case, we request you let us know by emailing

What if I am unable to complete a Bounty?

If you are unable to complete a Bounty, please email along with any mitigating circumstances so that we can assist you. Please note that if this happens more than once, you may be suspended from the Bounties platform.

Is there a limit on how many Bounties I can work on at a given time?

We recommend that you don’t work on more than two Bounties at a given time. This is to prevent yourself from burning out by taking on too many Bounties simultaneously. This also enables you to give focused attention to a few clients at a given time.


How do I contact the Bounty Poster or the Bounty Hunter about the Bounty?

If you have questions for the Bounty Poster, you can include them in the application form or reach out through any social media platforms linked in the user’s profile.

The Poster will indicate a preferred communication channel (such as email or Discord) in the Bounty post for discussions throughout the project.

If you are unable to contact the Poster or Bounty Hunter and need assistance with a Bounty, you can reach out to the Moderator via the “Contact Support” button under the “Having trouble?” section of the Bounties page.

What if I have a dispute with Poster or a problem with the work?

We encourage our Bounty Posters and Bounty Hunters to try and settle conflicts among themselves. If for any reason this fails, or if you encounter non-permitted usage, users can contact the Moderator via the “Contact Support” button under the “Having trouble?” section of the Bounties page.

All decisions by Replit in case of a dispute are final and binding on both the Hunter and Poster.

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