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Earning with Replit Bounties

Bounties on Replit allow you to request and pay for coding tasks or project work using a platform-specific currency called Cycles. When you have a specific need—such as developing a new product, needing coding help for a personal project, or requiring API integration—you can create a Bounty. This acts as a job posting that other members, known as Bounty Hunters, can accept to complete the specified task.

If you're interested in building projects and earning Cycles while doing it, you're in for a treat with Bounties.

Become a Bounty Hunter

If you'd like to become a verified Bounty Hunter, apply here. Fill out the form, and you'll receive the Verified Bounty Hunter badge notification on your applications.

Otherwise, you can get started by checking out the Bounties page and applying to earn Cycles.

Browse Bounties

Each posted Bounty includes a reward in Cycles for successful completion and a description of the work they need.

pick a bounty

Apply to work on a Bounty

Once you find a Bounty you're interested in, select the "Apply to Work" button in the upper-right corner.

Tips for Applying

The best Bounty applications explain to the Poster why you're a good fit for the job and include examples of your past work. Here are some additional tips for creating a quality application:

Here are some other tips on how to create a quality application:

  • Add links to your GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social profiles to your Replit account. These links will also appear in your Bounty applications.
  • Consider using a professional headshot as your Replit profile picture.
  • If you'd like to start your Bounty application with a greeting, you can say something like "Hello {their username}..." or "Hello, my name is {your first name}..."
  • Include links to relevant projects in your application, such as a Repl, GitHub repo, or hosted project.
  • Describe the initial 1-2 milestones you plan to accomplish once accepted. This shows the Bounty Poster that you understand their problem and the technical requirements.
  • If possible, provide time estimates for completing certain parts of the Bounty after you're accepted.

Here's an example application for a Bounty to create a space invaders game:

pick a bounty

Do the work

If the Bounty Poster selects your application, you'll see the "Accepted" badge on your application:

time to do the work!

Now it's time to do the work! Communicate with the Bounty Poster early and often - make sure you're both clear on requirements and expectations.

Deliver the work

When you've completed your work, return to the Bounty page and select "Submit Work."

Add a description of the work (pro-tip: relate it to the acceptance criteria outlined in the Bounty) and link to the Repl where you've written the code.

submit a solution

The Poster will review your work and may request changes. If these changes are within the scope of the original Bounty, simply make the updates in the Repl and submit again. Once the Poster accepts your work, you're awarded your well-earned Cycles.

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