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Add a Made with Replit badge to your Webview

Now you can add a "Made with Replit" badge to your public Repl's webview.

The badge will link back to your Repl's cover page so that visitors can learn more about your creations.

What is the Webview?

The webview is the view of your repl that users see when they click "Open website" of a public Repl.

The webview appears full-screen in its own browser window, and has the following URL format:


How to add the badge

The badge can be added to any repl with an index page serving HTML.

  1. Go to your Repl's file browser and find index.html
  2. Add the following code before the closing </body> tag:
<script src="" theme="blue" defer></script>


The &quot;Made with Replit&quot; badge code snippet you can add to your Repl

Test your badge

  1. Run your Repl, then click "Open website" image
  2. Your badge should appear in the lower right
  3. Click your badge to get back to the Repl's cover page

The badge appears in the lower right of your Repl&#39;s webview

Changing the color theme

You can change the color of your badge by replacing theme="blue" with any color from this list:

dark, light, red, orange, yellow, lime, green, teal, blue, blurple, magenta, pink


<script src="" theme="pink" defer></script>

The badge in pink!

How to remove the badge

If the badge was already a part of your template and you would like to remove it, simply delete this code from index.html

Delete this code:

<script src="" theme="blue" defer></script>