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Introduction to Teams for Education

Teams for Education adds key workflows for students and teachers on top of all the core Replit features. In this article, you'll:

  • Learn how to sign up for a team
  • Set up your Team
  • Get started with extra curriculum and teacher resources.

More About Teams

A team is a collaborative workspace for teachers and students. The platform is based around projects, which give students real-world experience. Each project can have multiple versions (often, one for each student or group), so students can all start from the same point, but extend the base project in different ways.

How to Sign Up

If you don't already have an account, sign up at Replit. Now click on Teams in the sidebar on the left and choose "new education organization." Give your organiation a name and specifiy if you are a higher education institution or K-12 (secondary school) institution. Choose "create new team organization."

Now click on "Create team" and choose a team display name and team username. The team username cannot be changed.

Select the checkbox "Click here if any of your students are under thirteen years of age" if applicable. This will ensure that a private invitation link is used in the following Manage Team step, and is required for your team to be FERPA/COPPA compliant.


You can change this setting any time by going to and running the update-invite command.

Inviting Teammates

Now, invite some users and start building out your classroom materials! Users who are added to a team and assigned the Admin role will be able to create their own teams within an organization.

Creating Teams

If you'd like to create a new team in your organization, simply go to your Teams Dashboard and click "Add Team". Adding a team to an organization

Need more help getting set up? Use our Checklist!

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