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Copying projects to other teams

Teachers can bulk copy and share projects to any Team. This feature is useful for a single teacher managing multiple classes, sharing curricula with your colleagues, or duplicating projects within a team or from one semester to the next. Sharing and bulk copying is managed using a secure private link that is created by the team admin.

To duplicate projects individually:

  1. Click on the three dots next to a Team Project
  2. Select “Copy Project”
  3. Indicate the team and unit you’d like to copy the Team 1. Project to. You can also select the same team to simply create a duplicate of the Team Project!
  4. Click “Copy”

Copying individual projects

To duplicate projects in bulk:

  1. Click on "Share projects" :

Project Copying

  1. Click on "+ Create a new link". This creates the link you'll share with others.

Project Copying

  1. You can choose all or a specific subset of assignments you want to be linked with the URL you are creating.

Project Copying

  1. This is the final link that you can share with others (you can edit it). You can also create new links as needed; the old ones will not be removed. This is useful if you want to share different projects with different people/teams. You can also delete the link so that it can no longer be used.

Project Copying

  1. To import the projects into a new team, open the link you created, then select the team you'd like to update as well as the projects you want to import into the team. To duplicate projects within the same team, simply select the original team name to import the projects into.

Project Copying

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