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Creating and Managing Classrooms

This article covers creating, cloning, deleting, and archiving classrooms, as well as the effects of each.

Creating a Classroom

Create a classroom by going to your Teacher Dashboard via the teacher tab in your navbar. If you do not see "teacher" there, you can add your self as a teacher role by going into your account settings, expanding the "Roles" section, and clicking the checkbox next to "teacher".

You can then create a classroom by choosing a name and a language. Currently, classrooms can only be of one language. You can also add a picture to the classroom card to make it appear more unique on both the student and teacher dashboard.

Note that classrooms for free accounts are public by default, and is discoverable on our list of community classrooms. This allows other teachers to find and benefit from your work by importing your classroom to use in a class, or to learn. However, student data will always be private, even if a classroom is public.

Cloning Classrooms

You can clone a classroom to create a copy of a classroom without the students. Assignments, automated tests, and model solutions will all be copied. Students and TAs will not be copied over to the new classroom.

Assignments in a cloned classroom are independent from the original classroom; editing an assignment in a classroom will not affect any clones that have been made from the classroom (however, it will affect newly created clones).

cloning a classroom

Removing Classrooms

When you're done with a classroom as a teacher, there are a few ways you can handle the cleanup of your dashboard.

Deleting Classrooms

You can easily delete classrooms by clicking on the three-dot options menu on the classroom card and selecting "Delete". Note that this will remove the classroom from the students' dashboards as well, and delete all assignments, submissions, tests, and model solutions belonging to the classroom. Anyone with edit access can delete classrooms; this means that TAs can also delete classrooms.

Archiving Classrooms

Archiving a classroom "locks" a classroom so that students can no longer submit assignments. Students in archived classrooms no longer count towards your total. It will also be hidden from view in your dashboard. You can archive and unarchive a classroom at any time by clicking on the three-dot options menu on the classroom card and selecting "Archive" or "Unarchive".